The Greatest European Championship Goals of All Time!

The Greatest European Championship Goals of All Time!

Selecting the top 10 goals in the history of the UEFA European Championship (Euro) is a subjective endeavour, but several goals are widely regarded as unforgettable moments due to their skill, significance, and impact on the tournament. Here are ten goals often highlighted as among the best in Euro history:

Marco van Basten (Netherlands vs. USSR, Euro 1988)

Van Basten's stunning volley from a tight angle in the final is frequently cited as one of the greatest goals in football history. In an outrageous volley, he simply had no right to score from that angle. This is why it is number one and will probably stay there for years to come! 


Paul Gascoigne (England vs. Scotland, Euro 1996)

We all loved and still love Paul Gascoigne for his constant drama and brilliant footballing ability. England had a brilliant summer back in 1996 and a fierce rivalry brought us an iconic goal that will last forever in the memories of the English fans. Gascoigne's brilliant flick over Colin Hendry followed by a volley was a moment of individual brilliance and remains iconic in Euro history.



Antonín Panenka (Czechoslovakia vs. West Germany, Euro 1976) 

We all love a panenka penalty, many stars have been known to use this in the most pressurised environments. Zidane, Messi and many more have used this particular style, however it first was invented by Antonin Panenka. Panenka's audacious chipped penalty in the final shootout introduced a new way of taking penalties, now famously known as the "Panenka."



Michel Platini (France vs. Portugal, Euro 1984)

Platini was unbelievable in 1984, scoring some worldies however, Platini's extra-time winner in the semi-final was a dramatic and skilful finish that capped off a remarkable individual tournament performance.


Karel Poborský (Czech Republic vs. Portugal, Euro 1996)

Poborsky with an unbelievable chip makes it at number 5, the quick thinking and technique it took makes it a goal to remember. Poborský's delicate chip over the goalkeeper from the edge of the box was both audacious and technically superb.


David Trezeguet (France vs. Italy, Euro 2000)

This goal is simply here for the special occasion and the scenes it created for France to win the Euro 2000. Trezeguet's golden goal in the final, a powerful volley, secured France's victory and is remembered for its importance and execution. 


Davor Šuker (Croatia vs. Denmark, Euro 1996)

1996 was a summer for brilliant skill and excellent goals. Šuker is known for his technical prowess and it definitely showed when he lobbed over the Danish goalkeeper from a tight angle was a moment of sheer audacity and skill.



Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal vs. Hungary, Euro 2016)

Of course CR7 is in the list, what really is a footballing list if Ronaldo isn’t involved? Ronaldo has scored many goals in the Euros however, his backheel flick to score against Hungary showcased his inventiveness and technique under pressure.



Zlatan Ibrahimović (Sweden vs. France, Euro 2012) 

Zlatan has scored some incredible goals over the years, when he scored that famous goal against England in a friendly everybody was reminded of what he can bring to the table. He did this again for Sweden, Ibrahimović's acrobatic volley demonstrated his incredible athleticism and technical ability, making it one of the standout goals of the tournament.



Maniche (Portugal vs. Netherlands, Euro 2004)

Maniche is a very different goal to the ones previously pointed out, it’s still very impressive as he hits a curling shot from a tight angle in the semi-final. It was a beautifully struck goal that helped Portugal reach the final.

These goals are remembered not only for their technical brilliance but also for their significance in the context of the tournament, often being crucial in deciding the outcomes of matches or adding to the drama of the Euros. Let’s hope for some more brilliant goals this summer, there is a lot of talent on show!