The Best Football Games For The Summer Holidays

The Best Football Games For The Summer Holidays

We have been developing football training products since 2011 and have a range of ideas to keep the summer break active and fun. Here are our choice of the best football games for the Summer Holidays.

Games to play now

  1. Musical Football – Set up some music and speakers that you can play and pause. This game works the same as musical chairs where 2 or more players must dribble the ball around the garden at a jogging pace. One person is chosen as the ‘DJ’. The DJ stops and plays the music of their choosing. The other players must stop and freeze with the ball still touching them as the music stops. Players who fail to stop quick enough with the ball touching them are then knocked out until you have a winner at the end. Why not try the Football Flick Summer of Sport playlist?
  2. Nutmeg Showdown – One player starts with the ball and has the task of trying to get the ball to go between the opposing player’s legs. This game is great for players who have great control and can move the ball quickly and deceive their opponents.
  3. Learn Freestyle Skills – Rabona Kick – The Rabona is a simple skill where a player kicks the ball with their legs crossed to confuse opposing players, avoid crossing the ball with their weaker foot or just to show off. It has become a popular skill done by football fans and freestylers with many players showing off this skill on social media. Learn by watching John Farnworth’s video with Football Flick here. 

Our Training Range Games


  1. Soccer Tennis – This is a great mix of sports that is used on the field of professional academies too to improve reactions and ball control. Even better, the whole family can get involved with this fun game. You just need something that resembles a net and some court marking, (why not try our very own Soccer Tennis.) Rules work similarly to normal tennis where players must get the ball into their opponent’s half of the court with only one bounce allowed.
  2. Pitch Pack – This is a great game to be played between parents and children. It is a simple game of setting up two goals on a small pitch. The small pitch should help younger children to get used to controlling the ball and getting close to the goals. This makes Pitch Pack the perfect companion for this kind of close-knit simple game wherever you go. Pitch Pack comprises of two pop-up goals and adaptable pitch markings that all fit neatly into the backpack. Play games with your friends and family wherever you are. What’s more, the included pitch markings can work great as defining the space for your games number 5 (Piggy in the middle) and game 1 (Traffic Lights) making the pitch pack truly adaptable and useful piece of training equipment.
  3. Target Course – Great for younger players aged seven and under. Arrange your target course either inside or outside. Kids will love trying to complete their own course arranged just how they like around the house. Explore the Target Course here. 

Our training range is trusted by parents everywhere to deliver products that provide development in skills and fitness all whilst having fun!


A Parental Review

A parent of a young budding footballer has said that the Football Flick Urban range has been influential in his son’s rise to the FC Barcelona academy.

“The Football Flick Urban Skills Trainer was a Christmas present for him. He used it for his passing, control, and volleys. It taught him to judge the movement of the ball a lot. We even use the middle bit to pass the ball through and he uses the ramp to flick the ball up to head the ball into the net to improve his heading accuracy.”

He’s a very right-footed player, but he started using his left foot a lot [with the Trainer] to give him the confidence to use it. It’s unbelievable the number of things you can do with it.” Read more about Ethan's Journey here.