How to take the perfect penalty!

How to take the perfect penalty!

1. Pick your spot: Where you shoot the ball is the most important part of taking a penalty. Before you even step up to the spot, you should have an idea of which corner of the goal you want to aim for. Visualise this and try to pick a spot that the goalkeeper won’t be able to save.

2. Relax: Taking a penalty is about staying composed and confident. Before you take the kick, take some deep breaths and focus on your technique. Don’t let the pressure get to you.

3. Aim for the corners: Aiming for the corners of the goal will give you the best chance of scoring. The goalkeeper won’t be able to get to shots that are placed in the corners, so try to place your shot in the corner of the goal. We would recommend using the Corner shots to practise picking the perfect spot.

4. Strike the ball cleanly: The key to a good penalty is striking the ball cleanly. Make sure you follow through with your kick and don’t let your body tense up. Also, keep your head over the ball and focus on where you want to place your shot.

5. Practice: The best way to become a great penalty taker is to practice. Take penalties regularly in training and try to place the ball in different areas of the goal. This will help you become more confident and accurate when it comes to taking penalties in games. We would recommend using the target sheet to upgrade your goal.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to take the perfect Football penalty. With practice and the right technique, you’ll be able to score more goals from the penalty spot. Good luck!