How To Do Football Keepy-Ups

How To Do Football Keepy-Ups

Football keepy-ups are a great way to improve your close control whilst you practice on your own. They force you to concentrate, helping you focus on the ball and your technique. They can also come in handy when you want to impress your team mates or friends. Once you master your keepy-ups you can then have more fun with them and start adding skills and tricks. However, it is important to get the basic level of control down before you move onto skills and tricks. Never expect to make progress with your control straight away. Over time you will improve and make less mistakes.

Football Keepy-ups – 1) Always practice on both feet

2) Use a bounce to help you.

3) Use your laces and keep the ball low

Here’s the full tutorial so you can practice and improve your skills


How many kick ups can you do?

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