25 years of the Adidas Predator Accelerator

25 years of the Adidas Predator Accelerator


The Adidas Predator is one of the truly legendary football boot ranges. Unleashed in 1994, it has remained at the top of its field ever since. 

Both Pro Direct Soccer and Adidas Predator Accelerator have their twenty-fifth anniversary this year. This nice coincidence has led to the two pairing up for a limited-edition release of the Predator Accelerator. 

This is so significant because so many legends have worn the predator range as del PieroGerrardRaulKakaBeckham and even Lionel Messi. They are unique and are truly one of the greatest football boots in history. Nowadays, it’s Paul Pogba, Jude Bellingham and Pedri dominating the iconic Adidas Predator.

About the Boots 

Predator was practical brilliance while looking aesthetically pleasing, its rugged looks and aggressive nature made the boot arguably the greatest boots ever lived. 

Adidas state that the boots have always been ‘for the fearless footballer who relies on split-second instinct, the Predator enhances control and boosts power, turning opposing players into prey.’

There is no doubt that the boots provide a touch and accuracy like no other boots have ever been able to do. If you get the connection right you could feel the power generated, therefore legends of the game have worn the boots. 

The Predator Accelerator are recognisable anywhere, it defined a generation and encapsulated an era. It is the instantly recognisable signature execution of the Three Stripe branding and that black, red and white colour combo.

 It is that colour combo that gets a premium shake-up for the Adidas x PDS Predator Accelerator ‘25th Anniversary Edition’, with the white being subbed out for shimmering silver and chrome.

The Legendary moments 

Many legends of the game have had a special relationship with the famous boots, and they have created some special memories together. Below we will look at the top three memorable moments that the Predator boots have been involved in. 

David Beckham– Free kick against Greece

The former Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy superstar enjoyed his 48th Birthday today. What better to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Predator than the same week as the notorious David Beckham? This is one of the reasons why Pro Direct have decided to release the limited-edition boots today as Becks was synonymous with Adidas Predators throughout his long and storied career.

It was white Predator Precision for Beckham the day that he scored that memorable free kick that put England into the 2002 World Cup. Beckham and the Boots really rose to the occasion to provide one of the most notable goals in England history. 

Zidane– Superb Volley in the UCL Final 

Zinedine Zidane was wearing Predator Mania boots when he scored one of the most iconic goals in the history of the Champions League to win the 2002 final for Real Madrid. 

This was one of the most sublime goals ever scored and to do it on such a stage by one of the all-time greats. Well, it doesn’t get much bigger than that, his boots definitely lived up to their billing as they provided that sweet connection and power that we all remember to this day. That brand authority was further reinforced by Zinedine Zidane, the poster boy for the new Accelerator, who went on to absolutely boss the World Cup final against Brazil in them. 

Steven Gerrard- Thunderbolt goal in the FA Cup Final 

Predator Pulse boots played a part in a heroic chapter of Champions League history for Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, wearing the traditional black colourway in Istanbul as the Reds claimed their fifth European title, as well as a red colourway earlier in that 2004/05 season.

One of the most iconic goals in FA Cup history was in the final against West Ham where Gerrard nearly broke the net with an absolute thunderbolt while wearing Predator Absolute boots. 

Football Flick and Predator 

All the clips above show the elite, and how they change a game in an instant. Becoming elite takes lots of practice and dedication. Predator boots will certainly help but there is much more to it than that. You need to practise and dedicate your time to power and precision. These are brilliant and practical boots; they are not magic boots. There still needs to be a lot of practice and hard work to be able to hit a ball so sweetly with such accuracy. 

You could practise with your Predator Accelerators with our Target range. There are many different variations and each target can provide different accuracy. 

One example is the high-quality Football Flick Urban Target Sheet. This includes five target zones which attach to any goal frame using premium velcro straps. You could practise free kicks and match play shots to help improve accuracy and shooting. Five targets’ zones ensure all areas of the goal can be targeted, bringing a level of consistency to shooting. Now you can try and replicate any of the goals above. 

If you want to recreate moments of magic, you will not get more accurate than the Essentials Corner Shots. David Beckham’s example above is how he hit the ball with so much power and accuracy – something you could practise daily. You could really put your boots to practice and replicate a shot like Beckham’s with the Essentials Corner Shots

If you are more like Zidane and fancy scoring a world-class volley, then look no further than the PRO Skills Trainer. This is the pinnacle of the Football Flick training range and is sure to help you improve and channel your inner Zidane. It’s even been recently spotted on the Manchester City Training Ground. Read all about it here.

Man City

We hope you’ve enjoyed our opinion on the hugely successful Adidas Predator range and we’re delighted to see the latest limited edition version of the Adidas Predator Accelerator being on sale at Pro Direct Soccer on 4th May.