Ben Nuttall Challenge Pack - A World First...

Ben Nuttall Challenge Pack - A World First...

On 1st July 2024 Flick announced the launch of our first ever collaboration project. This marks the start of an exciting direction for Flick as we look to continue to bring new and innovative products to market.

Ben Nuttall is one of the most influential content creators in world football. He has amassed a global fanbase of over 6.3 million followers across his social media channels and regularly gets in excess of 100 million views per month. 

Almost 12 months ago, the Flick team and Ben began discussing what a collaborative project might look like. This was not to be a product endorsement or ambassador role, rather a project that harnessed the online power of Ben's challenge based videos mixed with the product development, distribution and marketing capability of Flick.

What transpired over the next 12 months has led to the world's first football challenge game - a truly unique product that has manifested the challenge videos from Ben's social channels into a physical product, allowing everyone to test their skills and ability.

Over 500 skill combinations have been created which will see users take on some of Ben's most famous challenges and see if they can complete the skills either by themselves or against their friends.

Barry Maddox, Flick, CMO says 'With the launch of the Ben Nuttall Challenge Pack, Flick is entering into an exciting new market. We're known for our scientific validation and best-in-class training equipment, but being given the ability to develop a new product from the ground up alongside a global content creator has been a marketers dream.

In recent years we've seen the explosion of content creators entering the world of business by creating their own products and using their social following to drive awareness and sales. This was the strategy we took with Ben - giving him a sense of ownership of the product and including him across the development of the initial pack. 

It also gives us the opportunity to increase our own presence on social and see if we can create a sustainable sales channel via TikTok Shop.

We see this as being the first in a range of new collaborative projects we embark on over the next 12-24 months as we continue to position Flick as a brand that aims to help footballers of all ages and abilities improve their skills whilst having the most fun possible.'

The Ben Nuttall Challenge Pack is currently taking early sign ups ahead of its launch in the coming weeks. You can sign up here to stay up to date with all news.

The product will launch initially in the UK across the Flick website, Argos, Amazon, Very Group and TikTok Shop. Global sales will begin rolling out in 2025.

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    Hi I would live to win one⚽️⚽️

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