PROJECT Future Ballers: Episode 2

PROJECT Future Ballers: Episode 2

EPISODE 2 of Project Future Ballers is out now! 

The Future Ballers project is designed to put the next generation of talent up to the test and develop their skills and technique along the way. Along with the guidance of coach Dean Brathwaite , Rhys Thomas of Man City and Lewis Trickett of Accrington Stanley took on the PRO Skills Trainer Challenge for an exciting episode two. 

Meet the Coach 


Dean set up the Bee Inspired Academy in 2021 and since then has helped train some of the hottest talent, including the Manchester City First team. 

Meet the Future Ballers 

Hailing from Wales, Rhys displayed excellent technical ability during the PRO Skills Trainer challenge. Rhys is looking to develop his games throughout his 2023/24 season in Man City Under 18's. 

Northern Ireland Under 19 has made 3 first team appearances and scored 2 goals for Accrington Stanley this 2023/24 season. After making huge progress through the Youth teams he is now breaking through into the League Two sides first team. 

The Challenges 

Challenge 1:

The first challenge consisted of passing the ball through the passing gate and then the ball will come back up the return ramp for either Lewis or Rhys to strike the ball into the net. 

Strike the ball on target= 1 point 

Strike the ball in the bottom corner= 2 points 

Strike the ball in the top corner= 5 points 

Bullseye= 10 points 

If the player scores with a golden ball it will be double points. 

Challenge 2:

The second challenge showcased the two players close ball control, they 60 seconds to see how many bounce passes they could make onto the rebound net. 

Pro Skills Trainer 

All challenges were used with the Pro Skills trainer, this is an all in one training platform that is scientifically validated to improve your footballing skills. Below is what you can expect from the Pro Skills Trainer. 

  • Strike the ball through the passing gate & control the ball as it travels up the mesh ramp and back to you.
  • Alter the angle of return in seconds using unique drag & drop pin system. 7 return settings allow you to improve touch & control using various parts of the body.
  • World first ‘decline’ rebounder. Fully extend rebounder to the front & create a downward ball return. This recreates real game bounces to improve decision making.
  • Use for multi distance training. Reactionary rebound net adapts ball return speed for rapid, close touches whilst longer passing and control exercises can also be performed
  • Premium grade materials – constructed from laser cut steel and the highest grade mesh available. Brushed coating protects the unit from all weather conditions.