How Football Flick Can Help You Push The Boundaries In Football Training

How Football Flick Can Help You Push The Boundaries In Football Training

Ever since the launch of the Urban Skills Trainer Football Flick has strived to improve the quality of football training equipment. 

For the last two years Football Flick has been developing the brand-new PRO Skills Trainer in partnership with a leading UK university, UClan, to develop a truly unique training platform that builds on the strengths of the original Urban Skills Trainer. By repositioning the rebounder of the PRO Skills Trainer and removing the target net the platform enables for a true all-in-one seamless multi-skills experience. Rather than focusing on one aspect of your touch control and passing players can now combine skills together simultaneously to combine elements of training that were once only practised separately with the Urban Skills Trainer. 

Tested by pros for future pros. 

By testing extensively alongside elite-level academies and grassroots football clubs we are confident the new PRO Range is tested and ready to help the next generation of players to become future ballers.


Premium Grade Materials. 

Designed to take the impacts and misses you make as you develop and perfect your skills. Laser-cut steel and high-grade mesh makes the PRO Skills Trainer the most advanced training platform on the market today. 

Front Ramp and Passing Gate 

An all-new front ramp design now means that the larger surface area allows for harder passes and longer distance returns. Scientifically Validated training drills are now even further optimised when using the new front ramp. With the addition of the passing gate it now means only well-placed ground passes can make its way up the ramp to improve the accuracy and placement of the ball.


Adjust the rebounder to 7 angles in seconds using the drag and drop pin system. The world’s first ‘decline’ angle allow for returns that can drive the ball into the ground creating match-style bounces that can improve speed of decision-making.