Parent’s Christmas Gift Guide Football Flick

Parent’s Christmas Gift Guide Football Flick

Who are Football Flick?
Football Flick was born in 2013 and has become the #1 football training range. Our Urban Skills Trainer is the only product in world football to be scientifically validated to improve a player’s performance. Every product we’ve created since the original Urban Skills Trainer has the same science running through its DNA. Over the last 8 years, we’ve been on a mission to create a range of training products that exceed all competitors and truly give our users a competitive advantage. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your budding footballers then look no further…

Why Train At Home?
The Football Flick Training Range is specifically designed for solo play so you don’t always need family or friends to keep your child engaged.

• Improve touch and control
• Increase accuracy
• Improve mental well being
• Practice with your weaker foot
• Increase confidence on the ball
• Train alone

For children who are part of a team or academy, training at home also provides crucial additional minutes of playing time, helping them improve more quickly and gain additional confidence.

Our guide is split into 6 distinct categories:

Inspire Your Child
 – The specially designed range for younger players ager 3+ called Hero!
The Basics – Football and goals
Ball Mastery – Learning touch and control
Shooting – Developing accuracy and power
Fun – Love your game
Fitness & Agility – Performing for longer on the pitch

The Hero! training range is all about fun and imagination. Specifically designed for junior players (3 years old – 7 years old) it is an introduction into the world of football. Use the Hero! training range and you’ll instantly feel like a superhero – ready to take on anyone that stands in your way!

Hero! range helps develop motor and co-ordination skills in young players through fun and imagination. It improves confidence and ability and due to its size and easy storage is ideal for training indoors as well as outside.

The only thing you really need to play football is… a football. Make sure you purchase the correct size and weight for your child. For children aged 5 years to 12 years, a size 4 football is recommended. For 12 years and above make sure they train and play with a size 5 ball. Start out with a Football that is built to professional standards and made to last. The unique design of the Urban Ball makes it super easy to stand out on the pitch.

Next on the list of essentials are goals. Purchasing goals can be a tricky decision but the two main things to consider are:
…the size of your child
…the size of your garden.

At Football Flick we offer high quality, well-built uPVC goals available in four sizes to suit any size back garden.

Allowing your child to get hundreds of touches on the ball in a short amount of time improves their touch and control. Once your child’s first touch is improved it will allow them to develop their passing and shooting ability. Control and touch are fundamental to football but once they are mastered, your child will be more confident. The Football Flick training range allows the practice of technical drills in a tight amount of space, perfect for the back garden. The Urban Skills Trainer is the ultimate piece of equipment to help improve your technical ability while the Dual Speed Rebounder and Urban Return Ball both mean you get as many touches on the ball as possible.

Let’s face it, what child doesn’t love scoring goals? Shooting is a core element of football but it’s more complicated than you may think. Being a striker is all about power and accuracy. The best strikers have both! Power is all about how hard you can strike the ball. This isn’t purely about leg strength, it’s about being able to kick the ball in the right area every time and making sure the ball flies through the air in the most direct manner.

Accuracy is all about where you can direct the football. Being accurate when striking the ball means your child will be able to kick the ball exactly where they want to. When they have leant this ability, they will be able to fool defenders and goalkeepers by placing the ball in areas they can never reach using different techniques such as curling the ball. 3 great products to help improve accuracy are the Urban Target Goal, our Corner Shots which easily fit onto any existing goal frame and the Urban Training Set which include mannequins so your child can practice taking their free kicks

Your child doesn’t always need a ball at their feet to improve their footballing ability. Introducing agility ladders, hurdles or cones into a training routine helps to create fun and imaginative training whilst improving your child’s fitness, agility and speed, all key elements in any sport. It all counts! To make things simple, we have bundled some of the best agility products into the Football Flick Urban Drills Set, as well as having Multi-Hurdles and Octa Speed Rings to help with your footwork.

Keeping enthusiasm and diversity with the ball enhances your child’s footballing skill set without them realising it. Training for longer improves ability but we all know that if we enjoy something and have fun, then we naturally get better at it. If your child is having fun with a ball at their feet then Football Flick have done our job. Training isn’t always fun but with products like Mini Soccer Tennis and Urban Pitch Pack you can have fun for longer and take your training with you wherever you go.

NEW FOR 2023
This year we have added even more to the Football Flick Catalogue. Shop all the latest additions to the training page here. 

We hope our Parent’s Christmas Gift Guide To Training has given you plenty of information on the types of products that might be best suited to your child. If you like what you’ve read, head over to the football flick shop to purchase your ideal training range.