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Flick are thrilled to be the Official High Performance Equipment Partner to Blast FC. This partnership gives your club, its players and its families access to the world's only soccer equipment that has been scientifically proven to enhance performance.

To reach your potential as a player it is vital to extend your development program to include training at home. That's why your club has partnered with the leaders in 'Train At Home' equipment. Every time you purchase some equipment from this website you're supporting your club and its future, as Flick have committed to re-investing a percentage of all sales that come via your club. This will go back into supporting a sustainable club and ensure players of tomorrow have the same opportunities as players of today.

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proven by science to improve skills


Flick is the pioneering brand behind the ‘Train At Home’ market in the UK over the past 10 years. Having seen that players improve more quickly and develop to a higher standard when they train at home, in addition to training with their club, we have developed a full range of products all designed for solo and group use. Everything we do promotes the perfect blend of serious performance improvement whilst promoting a fun training environment – thus encouraging longer sessions and better progression.

Ethan Stapley (PICTURED) went from grassroots to Brighton FC and on to captain Barcelona FC Academy. His father hailed the additional time Ethan spent training at home with his Flick training range as integral for this meteoric rise to elite level. Ethan and his family moved to Spain so Ethan could pursue his soccer dream, where he still lives and plays as a 16 year old.


proven by Science

The World's only soccer equipment PROVEN to improve you as a player by up to 73%

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Designed for professionals, elite soccer players or anyone that’s looking for the highest quality training products.

scientific validation running through their DNA

The Urban Range

The Urban range is a collection of our most unique products. They are all specially designed for use at home or on the training field and have scientific validation running through their DNA. Urban products allow users to improve their skills whilst having the most fun possible.


we are excited to enter a partnership with Flick and look forward to seeing the development of our players. Blast FC is committed to training young, passionate players, who truly love the game of soccer and Flick will support and enhance our goals.

April Bush
Club Director, Blast FC