Euros Home Nations Preview- Can England bring it home?

Euros Home Nations Preview- Can England bring it home?


Euros home nations 

Today we are going to embark on an exhilarating journey through the footballing heartlands of the Euro's home nations. As the excitement of the Euro tournament grips the continent, we delve deep into the qualified nations that are England and Scotland.  

Throughout history, these nations have contributed significantly to the beautiful game, each with its own unique story, traditions, and passionate fanbase. From legendary players to iconic stadiums, from historic victories to heart-wrenching defeats, the footballing heritage of the home nations is as captivating as it is enduring.

England once again a footballing force with only 1966 to add to the trophy cabinet. Fans hoping, praying and some even expecting success in this tournament. Venture north of the border to Scotland, where the game is steeped in a fierce sense of national identity and a long-standing rivalry with their southern neighbours. From the storied grounds of Glasgow to the picturesque pitches of the Highlands, Scotland's footballing passion knows no bounds.

 England History in the Euros 

 England's journey in the UEFA European Championship, often referred to as the Euros, is a tale of both triumphs and heartbreaks. Let's take a look at a concise history of England's performances in the tournament:

  • 1960-1980: Early Years and Absence
    • England did not participate in the first several editions of the European Championship. The tournament began in 1960, but England did not enter until later.
  • 1980: First Appearance
    • England made its debut in the European Championship in 1980, held in Italy. However, their campaign was disappointing as they failed to progress past the group stage.
  • 1984-1992: Struggles Continue
    • In subsequent tournaments, England struggled to make an impact, failing to qualify for the 1984 edition and being eliminated in the group stage in both 1988 and 1992.
  • 1996: Home Soil and Semi-Final Heartbreak
    • The 1996 UEFA European Championship, hosted by England, remains one of the most memorable tournaments for the country. With the iconic "Football's Coming Home" anthem echoing across the nation, England reached the semi-finals but suffered a heartbreaking defeat to Germany in a penalty shootout at Wembley Stadium.
  • 2000-2012: Mixed Performances
    • England's performances in the subsequent Euros were mixed. They reached the quarter-finals in 2004 and 2012 but failed to progress further.
  • 2016: Another Semi-Final Heartbreak
    • In the 2016 UEFA European Championship held in France, England once again reached the semi-finals. However, they were defeated by Portugal, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, in a tense encounter.
  • 2020: Progress to the Final
    • The UEFA Euro 2020, delayed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, saw England's best performance in decades. The team, led by manager Gareth Southgate, reached the final held at Wembley Stadium. However, they suffered heartbreak once again, losing to Italy in a penalty shootout after the match ended in a 1-1 draw after extra time.

Throughout England's Euro journey, there have been moments of euphoria and despair, but the passion of the fans and the talent of the players continue to keep hopes alive for future tournaments. As they look ahead, England aims to build on their recent successes and finally bring home the coveted European Championship trophy.

 Why are England Joint favourites for the competition? 

England travel to Germany to be a part of one of the major international competitions in world football. All the best footballing nations come together around Europe to compete for one trophy. England are the favourites to come home with the cup, this is due to the team coming together at a perfect age and Southgate has had many years to build such a solid foundation. This is the year England ‘should’ be bringing it home. 

As previously stated, England have never got their hands on the European trophy and many believe this year may really be the year. With a scintillating attack which includes Foden, Rashford, Saka, Grealish and of course star striker Harry Kane they should be a real scare for any defence. 

When looking at the midfield it has talent flourishing throughout, Jude Bellingham who has been a revelation for Real Madrid this season will hope to carry on his amazing form to the international stage. Declan Rice who has been immense for Arsenal as they currently fight for the title will hope to connect defence into attack and prove to the world that he truly is one of the greatest midfielders around. The last slot in midfield is highly up for discussion, with the likes of Trent Alexander Arnold who’s talent should be an automatic spot in the England side but has yet to showcase his talent internationally. Mainoo has been unbelievable since he broke through at Manchester United, at only 18 years old he has more composure and bravery on the ball than anybody in the league. Then you have the likes of Henderson and Kalvin Phillips who are thought very highly of by Garath Southgate. 


In defence, England may not be as skilled as attack and midfield but with no doubt they all still play at a very high level for club and country. With the likes of John Stones they have a calm composed centre back who is regarded as one of the best in Europe. Harry Maguire has had tough times in the last few years under numerous managers but Southgate has always stuck by him and he has never let England down. The right back position over the years has been blessed with so many talented players including Reece James, Trent Alexander Arnold, Trippier but nobody has yet to surpass Walker who’s consistency, leadership and pace makes him one of the hardest defenders in the world to get by. In the left back position there are two names that stand out, Shaw and Chilwell, both players had very unlucky injuries throughout their career but will hope to become fit and ready in the Euros. 

There is only one keeper for England who has been consistent and never let them down and that is Jordan Pickford. He has had his doubters by many in the league but he has never let his country down. He will be the number one keeper this summer, with Ramsdale most likely second choice. 

Scotland History 

Scotland's history in the UEFA European Championship, commonly known as the Euros, is a story marked by both highs and lows. Here's an overview of Scotland's journey in the tournament:

  1. 1960-1992: Early Years and Struggles to Qualify
    • Scotland did not qualify for the initial editions of the European Championship, which began in 1960. They made their first attempt to qualify for the tournament in 1964 but were unsuccessful. This pattern continued through subsequent editions, with Scotland struggling to secure qualification.
  2. 1992: Debut Appearance
    • Scotland's first appearance in the UEFA European Championship came in 1992, held in Sweden. Despite high hopes, they failed to progress past the group stage, finishing last in their group.
  3. 1996: Memorable Performance
    • The 1996 UEFA European Championship, hosted by England, provided one of Scotland's most memorable moments in the tournament's history. Scotland reached the group stage, where they faced England in a highly anticipated match at Wembley Stadium. The game ended in a 2-0 victory for England, but Scotland's spirited performance left a lasting impression.
  4. 2000-2016: Struggles to Qualify
    • In subsequent editions of the Euros, Scotland faced challenges in qualifying for the tournament. Despite making several attempts, they were unable to secure a place in the final tournament, with qualifying campaigns ending in disappointment.
  5. 2020: Return to the Tournament
    • Scotland's long-awaited return to the UEFA European Championship came in 2020, which was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the management of Steve Clarke, Scotland qualified for the tournament through the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying playoffs. However, their performance in the tournament was mixed, as they finished last in their group, failing to progress to the knockout stage.

Scotland's journey in the UEFA European Championship reflects the challenges and occasional moments of glory that characterise international football. 

Scotland's Unbelievable Euro qualifying campaign

Scotland had a good chance of qualifying but nobody expected them to do it with such grace and skill. Only losing once away to Spain, Scotland still played very well and found themselves unlucky to come away with a 2-0 loss. Steve Clarks men qualified early, with the likes of McTominay and McGuin with relentless midfield displays also adding to the scoresheet on numerous occasions. 

Since qualifying, Scotland have not lived up to the hype as they have not won in 7 games. There is doubt they can turn this form around before the championships, we have all seen what this Scotland team is capable of. Scotland will just be happy to be in the competition and to be able to compete with some of the best teams around Europe. 

It is great for the competition to have Scotland in the competition as their fans will bring a great atmosphere and vibes to Germany. In the group they will face hosts Germany, Hungary and Switzerland, this is without a doubt one of the hardest groups but Scotland will have full belief they can succeed and progress far into the competition.