Flick Widen Partnership With Sports Directory

Flick Widen Partnership With Sports Directory

Flick, the world's #1 football equipment brand, are today announcing a retail partnership extension with the UK's leading provider of sports equipment for schools. 

Flick and Sports Directory have been working closely together over the past 12 months and the strong trading relationship has meant that the retailer will be adding 3 further lines from the hugely popular Flick Urban uPVC goal range. The new sizes will all be from the Urban match-grade goal, Flick's highest quality uPVC goal to date, and have been chosen from the most requested sizes within the school sector. Available immediately are the 8' x 6 and 12' x 6' goals whilst a brand new 16' x 7' will also be introduced in the coming weeks due to demand for this size by Sports Directory customers.

Gareth Hodskinson, CEO, Flick says 'Sports Directory are a great retailer partner to Flick. The extension to now include our match-grade goals is testament to the hard work that's gone in from the retail partners, the Flick sales team and the Flick product development team. We believe our match-grade uPVC goals are the highest quality goal available on the market so it makes sense that Sports Directory would choose this range due to the demands put on sports equipment within the school environment'

With over 20 Flick lines now available at Sports Directory make sure you are prepared for the 2025 school year by getting your sports equipment here.

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