Flick Extends Walmart Partnership In US

Flick Extends Walmart Partnership In US

Flick, the world's only football (soccer) training equipment 'Proven By Science', are today announcing an extended partnership with major US retailer Walmart.

Building on the success since of our launch in late December 2023, Flick is to bring more Urban products online immediately. This brings the number of Flick products available to 5 and the ambition is to add further lines throughout 2024.

Gareth Hodskinson, CEO, Flick says 'After a successful trial with Walmart in late 2023, we have seen evidence in our sales numbers that suggest Walmart customers have an appetite for our world leading soccer equipment. We are working with the Walmart team to further position us with the retailer and our using a data-led approach to add further Urban and, potentially, PRO range products over the coming months.'

Customers can see the range of Flick products currently available by visiting the Walmart website.


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