Who is in the FA CUP semi final and who is going to win?

Who is in the FA CUP semi final and who is going to win?

The FA Cup, short for the Football Association Challenge Cup, Since its inception in 1871, the FA Cup has captured the hearts of football enthusiasts worldwide, transcending mere competition to become an institution deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of England.

Its significance lies not only in its status as the oldest football competition in the world but also in the unparalleled excitement it generates each season. For clubs across all tiers of English football, the FA Cup offers a unique opportunity to etch their names into history, to defy the odds, and to partake in the storied tradition of giant-killing exploits.

Moreover, the FA Cup serves as a platform for dreams to flourish and underdogs to rise, as smaller clubs dare to challenge the giants of the game on the hallowed turf of iconic stadiums. It is a tournament where the lines between David and Goliath blur, where the magic of the cup manifests in dramatic upsets and unforgettable moments etched into the collective memory of fans.

Beyond the allure of silverware, the FA Cup symbolises the democratic essence of football, where clubs from diverse backgrounds converge in pursuit of glory, uniting communities and igniting the passions of supporters far and wide. It embodies the inclusive spirit of the sport, offering a stage where players and fans alike can revel in the shared joy of competition, regardless of their standing in the footballing hierarchy.

The FA Cup is more than just a tournament; it is a celebration of the beautiful game and all that it represents – a cherished tradition that continues to captivate hearts and minds with each passing season.

Semi Final Fixtures  

Manchester City vs Chelsea

Saturday, 20 April at 17:15 BST- BBC

Once again Manchester City are competing in the latter stages of a competition once again. Manchester City are clear favourites for not only this game but for the FA Cup competition overall. 

Pep's men in blue will hope to brush aside Chelsea in the Semi Finals and kick off another chance of the treble. Manchester City won this competition last year and beat rivals Manchester United in the final. There is a very good chance the same fixture could repeat itself in this year's final.

Chelsea will hope to come to Wembley and shock the reigning champions. Chelsea’s season has been inconsistent to say the least. Under Pochettino they have an incredibly young team and they are trying to find that balance of experience and youth. Chelsea have already taken a point away at Manchester City in the premier league which is no easy task.

They will hope former City player Cole Palmer can turn up once again and carry Chelsea through this game. Palmer has been a shining light for Chelsea this year and proven to be the best signing for Chelsea in recent years. 

Coventry vs Manchester United

Sunday, 21 April at 15:30 BST- ITV

Coventry making it to the semi finals is an incredible achievement and they have given their fans hope to achieve history. Coventry City FC won the FA Cup once.  Their victory came in the 1986–1987 season when they defeated Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 in the final. This triumph remains one of the highlights in Coventry City's history, and it is remembered fondly by the club's supporters. They will hope to achieve the same greatness in 2024.

Playing Manchester United at Wembley is a dream fixture for the championship team, Coventry have been playing brilliantly all year in the league and in the cup.

This will be a very hard fixture for Coventry but they will go there believing they can beat the goliath that is Manchester United. 

When focusing on Manchester United they are favourites for this game but no players or fans will take this game lightly. Manchester United beat Liverpool in the previous round in an incredible game. They will hope to reach the final to face rivals Manchester City or Chelsea.

Manchester United are out of the Champions League, failed to win the League cup and are struggling to reach the top 4. This is the red devils only chance of winning a trophy this season, they will take this game very seriously and have a brilliant chance of reaching the finals.

Final Predictions

Manchester City are the outright favourites to win the competition so to put them in the final is no stretch. Chelsea should put up a good fight however, City should have to much for the young Chelsea side. Next we have Manchester United who are against championship Coventry City. We all love an underdog story however, Utd should win this game as the level of players are a level above.

So Flicks FA Cup final prediction is the Manchester derby.

Manchester City vs Manchester United