How to do a Trivela Football Skill in FIVE Simple Steps.

How to do a Trivela Football Skill in FIVE Simple Steps.

A Trivela Football Skill is being able to shoot or pass the ball with the outside of your foot to create a swerving effect on the trajectory of the ball. Here are FIVE simple steps on how to perform and master the trivela. We have also included a bonus section on how to perform a trivela for those who prefer their football skills in the digital realm.


How to do a Trivela Football Skill

  1. Make sure you get the correct body position by approaching the ball at a slight angle. Your non-kicking foot should be placed behind and to the side of the ball.
  2. The position of your kicking foot is slightly behind the ball, angled outwards. The outside of your foot should be facing the direction that you want the ball to curve.
  3. Swing your kicking foot in a smooth, curved motion to contact the outside of your foot.
  4. Your kick should follow through after you have struck the ball to encourage the desired swerve.
  5. PRACTICE! Start slowly and increase your power and speed.


How to do a Trivela Pass on EA Sports 24?

To do a Trivela shot, press and hold the L2 (PlayStation) or LT (Xbox) button on your controller while your player's strong foot is on the other side of the ball.

Always choose a player with excellent shooting skills. Wingers are usually in the best positions to perform a Trivela Pass.