New North American Academy Partnership - BVB IA Waterloo

New North American Academy Partnership - BVB IA Waterloo

Flick is today announcing a major new club partnership for North America. The world leading soccer training brand is now ‘Official High Performance Equipment Partner’ with Borussia Dortmund’s International Academy Waterloo. The partnership marks the first Canadian club agreement for Flick and is aimed at giving players, coaches, and parents the opportunity to train with and purchase the Flick PRO range, as well as a carefully selected Urban range of equipment.

Paul Burns, BVB IA Waterloo, Director says ‘I met the Flick team recently at Soccerex Miami and quickly realized the potential this unique training range has to offer. As an academy with over 700 players, we aim to provide the highest performing equipment for everyone from our U8 Skill Centre players right up to our semi-professional League1 Ontario players. Flick’s unique scientific validation of their Urban and PRO Skills Trainers was a huge attraction to this range of training equipment, and we’re excited to get our players to work and start seeing improvements.’

Flick, CEO, Gareth Hodskinson commented ‘The vision of BVB IA Waterloo and all BVB IA’s across North America is truly aligned with our own. This partnership brings not only the best equipment to BVB IA Waterloo players whilst they are training at the club, but also gives parents and players the opportunity to enhance their performance by using the same equipment at home. We have pioneered the ‘train at home’ market here in the UK for the past decade and are excited to work with BVB IA Waterloo, and other North American clubs, to transfer these learnings to a new continent in 2024.’

If you or your club / academy is interested in partnering with Flick, please reach out here

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