Flick Partner With WeGotSoccer - A Leading Soccer Retailer In The US

Flick Partner With WeGotSoccer - A Leading Soccer Retailer In The US

Flick, the world's only soccer training equipment Proven By Science, and leading US soccer specialty retailer WeGotSoccer (Arocam Sports) are delighted to announce a new partnership. 

WeGotSoccer will now stock all Flick products, including the highest performance PRO range, across multiple store locations spanning both East and West coasts of America. In addition, the UK's leading uPVC goal will also be available to WGS customers as demand for this product has surged in the US since its launch.

Gareth Hodskinson, CEO, Flick says 'WeGotSoccer are a hugely reputable name in the world of soccer in the US. This new retail partnership will allow WGS customers the opportunity to purchase Flick equipment and improve their soccer skills by training at home, in addition to the training they receive at their club or academy. Thanks to both the Arocam/WGS and Flick teams for the work in making this fantastic new partnership come to life'

The range of Flick products will be available in-store and online from WeGotSoccer in the coming days.

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