Flick, the world's only scientifically validated soccer equipment, has extended its partnership with leading soccer retailer soccer.com. From April 2024, eight Flick products will be available to soccer.com customers and signifies the beginning of a renewed partnership with the US-based retailer. 

Soccer.com are the largest retailer of soccer and are totally immersed in the US culture of the sport. 

The announcement comes less than 1 month before Flick officially launches in the US and is sure to put the brand in front of millions of new potential customers. 

Gareth Hodskinson, CEO, Flick commented 'We’ve had a strong relationship with soccer.com for quite some time and they have been a fantastic support as we have looked to grow the brand across the US. We have seen great enthusiasm for our PRO Training Range which they understand are perfect for the US market. This new partnership is a real show of intent from both us and soccer.com as we can clearly see the opportunity to grow and develop the train at home market in the United States. Working with a large online retailer like soccer.com will undoubtedly give access to a huge, soccer-mad fan base and will ensure we bring our message and products to millions of soccer players, coaches and parents’ 

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