Flick Announce New Collaboration With Ben Nuttall

Flick Announce New Collaboration With Ben Nuttall

Flick are today announcing an exciting new collaboration with leading football creator Ben Nuttall. In a world-first, the new product range will be like nothing ever seen before.

Building on the hugely popular challenge style content that has allowed Ben to amass a social following of over 5 million and monthly views in excess of 130 million across across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, the new product will be a fusion of football skills and fun challenges. 

For the past 8 months the Flick team and Ben have been working together to create a truly collaborative product that perfectly blends the ethos of Flick's training products with Ben's fun and vibrant style of content.

More information will be released in the coming weeks but it is anticipated that the product will be available across a select number of major UK retailers, as well as directly at the Flick website and via TikTok Shop.

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