5 Football Games for the Garden

5 Football Games for the Garden

You can remedy not being at the Euros this year and create your own football games for the back garden at home. We have compiled some ideas for back garden football games you can try.

1. Musical Football.

Set up some music and speakers that you can play and pause. This game works the same as musical chairs were 2 or more players must dribble the ball around the garden at a jogging pace. One person is chosen as the ‘DJ’. The DJ stops and plays the music at their choosing. The other players must stop and freeze with the ball still touching them as the music stops. Players who fail to stop quick enough with the ball touching them are then knocked out until you have a winner at the end. Why not try the Football Flick Summer of Sport playlist?

2. Brazilian Brilliance.

The idea is simple. Players stand in a circle and pass the ball between each other without letting the ball touch the ground. The player that gives a bad pass or lets it touch the ground is knocked out of the circle. The game then continues until one player is left and they are the winner.

3. Nutmeg Showdown.

One player starts with the ball and has the task of trying to get the ball to go between the opposing player’s legs. This game is great for players who have great control and can move the ball quickly and deceive their opponents.

4. Soccer Tennis.

This is a great mix of sports that is used on the field of professional academies too to improve reactions and ball control. Even better, the whole family can get involved with this fun game. You just need something that resembles a net and some court marking, (why not try our very own Soccer Tennis.) Rules work similarly to normal tennis were players must get the ball into their opponent’s half of the court with only one bounce allowed.

5. Target Test.

Players have 30 seconds to hit as many balls in a selected target. This can work great with lots of the Football Flick training range.

Listen to the Summer of Sport playlist here.